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“It’s a tremendous credit to her skills of adaptability and canniness in the wilderness that she survived,” says John McCannon, author of A History of the Arctic: Nature, Exploration, and Exploitation and professor of history at Southern New Hampshire University. “Native people were incredibly important in these expeditions, but only in a couple of cases would they achieve the kind of celebrity status as the white explorers they were helping.” Despite her renown, life continued to be a struggle for Blackjack. Bennett struggled with health issues until his death, at age 58, in 1972. Unlike Stefansson and others, Blackjack didn’t profit from the expedition. (Stefansson published The Adventure of Wrangel Island in 1925, partly with the help of Blackjack’s diary.) Some newspapers later published accusations that she hadn’t cared for Knight properly, which were roundly debunked by Knight’s family, Stefansson, and others, and eventually retracted. Still, the unwarranted public criticism stung, and Blackjack vowed not to talk to reporters, a promise she kept for nearly 50 years and one that helped carry her into obscurity. She remarried and divorced twice and had another son, Billy. She nearly died from tuberculosis, dropped in and out of poverty, and led a quiet life herding reindeer, picking berries, hunting, and trapping. Blackjack died in Anchorage in 1983 at the age of 85. In her elderhood, Blackjack started to grant interviews, and her story resurfaces from time to time.

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